November 16, 2016

Trying to make a down payment but having issues? Click here to learn about our Partial Pay Issue.

We have discovered that currently the "Partial Pay" option is only available as in in-house. We apologize for any incoinvience this may of caused you! If you are having issues making your downpayment or partial payments ONLINE, that is why. The solution to his problem is to call the rec center at 740-695-2037 and ask one of the staff to assist you in making a partial payment with your card over the phone!

We hope that partial pay will become available for the community in the future, but for now you can pay the entire balance online with a card or send a check into the center in additional to calling and doing partial pay over the phone.

During the course of season you may make your payments in the following 3 ways by each deadline:
1. partial payments over the phone
2. full payment online ( one time payment)
3. checks send to the recreation center

Remember you are not considred fully accepted into the program until you have completed your first downpayment so please finish this requirement as soon as possible!

Thank you!