General Information

Whether you are new to our club or switching from another program, we know you have many questions! Please take a look at the below questions and answers to see if this helps clarify any of your needs. After reading this page, please let us know if we can be of more help!

Please remember to state player’s name and team on all correspondence. Email is the preferred method of communication. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Tryout information is available on the website, facebook, and local newspapers.  Please read through any and all relevant information to determine if this program is for you. Each age group has a designated try out time. Tryouts will be closed to the general public to allow the athletes and coaches to focus fully on the task at hand.  If you can not make your designated time, you do have the option of trying out with another age group. We recommend that players always try out at their correct age group and turn their paperwork in for that age group. If not, this could hurt a player's chance of making a team so please try to attend your try out. Due to staffing, gym and time limitations, there is only one tryout per age group. Questions about tryouts should be directed to 

Players should ensure they have all the necessary paperwork for the tryout. All forms can be found on our website or . Internet may or may not be available at the tryout site, so please come prepared with forms prepared prior. Athletes can not try out without their OVR tryout membership as well as parent signatures on many papers. 


We will not send bills by mail/email, but ask that you follow the provided payment schedule.  Additional reminders will be posted on Facebook. If you would like an update for your account balance please contact Lisa Mick at . Please include the player's name, team, and a way to contact you with the requested information. Players should expect to pay the following items ( but not limited to) try out fees, OVR registration, season payments, uniforms, additional sportswear if wanted.

Social Media & E-Communications

Club Gold South recognizes the prevalence of electronic communication and social media in today’s world. Many of our players use these means as their primary method of communication. While the Club acknowledges the value of these methods of communication, the Club also realizes that there are associated risks that must be considered. 
All communications between a coach or other adult and an athlete must be professional in nature and for the purpose of communicating information about team activities.  The content and intent of all electronic communications must adhere to the USA Volleyball Code of Conduct regarding Athlete Protection.  A coach should not accept any “friend” request from any athlete.  In addition, the coach should remind the athlete that this is not permitted. 
Players should exercise sound judgment and common sense when posting to social media. All posts should be respectful to their Club, coaches, teammates as well as other clubs and players. When in doubt, don’t post.

Pictures & Media

Pictures taken at tournaments can be emailed to for posting on our Facebook page or website.  If you object to any image posted, please contact us and we will have it removed. 

Official Club Facebook Page

The club has an official Facebook page that athletes and parents can “like” for information and updates on team-related matters.   Practice cancellations will be posted on Facebook along with important information concerning deadlines for payments and fundraisers.



Player/Parent Contact: This form should be turned in at the player/parent meetings.

Uniform Orders:

All uniform order forms must be turned in by the player/parent meetings and can be paid for only by check or cash at this time. (Checks should be made payable to Club Gold Volleyball. No credit cards will be accepted for uniforms.)
Any questions about sizing can be taken care of during team's teams designated team meeting. The items required will be listed as such.  All other items are optional and not required.  All uniforms must be paid before the order is submitted. 
Uniform numbers will be selected for each player on a seniority basis.  If you want to change your number from a previous club season you must purchase new jerseys and note the change on your order form.
If you are unable to attend the player/parent meeting, checks can be mailed to Lisa Mick.

Sportswear Orders

Sportswear purchases are optional. Information on where and how to purchase additional sportswear will be posted on the website. Checks should be made payable to Club Gold Volleyball can be mailed to Lisa Mick.



Players are expected to attend all practices except in the case of conflict with school related activities or sickness. Practice will be held twice a week during the season. Schedules will be emailed at the beginning of each month for teams.  Practice will begin in January if gym time is available and weather permitting.  

Parking:  When attending practices at St. Mary’s, we ask that you park in the church parking lot. The circle is used for drop-off only.  We are required to leave space for emergency vehicles and parents need to be able to get through to drop off.  For practices at the St.Clairsville Recreation Center that take place during events (ex. track meet) you may use any available parking. Should there be an event going on the center will designate a lot for the club's use.

Attendance: We do ask that our players make a commitment to attend practices but we do understand that they may have conflicts with school-related activities.  Many of our practices are later in the evening after school activities. It is important that players participating in other sports/activities manage their time concerning schoolwork and activities. Our coaches cannot train their players if they are constantly missing practice.  If you are unable to make 75% of practices, you might want to rethink your commitment to the club. 

Coaching: We use a group approach to coaching which means that your child may have different coaches instructing depending on the skill or concept being taught.  Our goal is to give each player the best instruction available.  We ask that players treat each coach with the same courtesy they would give their team coach. 

Complaint Policy: We encourage players to speak directly with their coach first should an issue arise.  Coaches need to know and understand the problem if they are to fix the situation. Should a conversation with the coach and player not be successful, you may then contact the director via email to request a meeting or phone call. Please remember parents should not approach coaches on game days in regards to playing time. This is NOT an appropriate time to discuss this matter as playing time decisions are made ultimately by the coaches and will be upheld by the director.

OUE Practice Agreement: St. Clairsville Players

As part of our agreement with OUE we are required to work the OHSAA Basketball Play-offs held Feb/March or volleyball tournament in April.  We are asking each player to work a 2 or 3-hour shift.  These games will include weekdays and weekends so everyone should be able to find a time that they are free.  When parking to drop off or attend, please tell the attendant that you are there to work so you will not be charged.  We will circulate sign -up sheets at practice.  Please check your practice schedule before signing up. 

Practice Cancellation Policy

It may be necessary to cancel practices due to weather conditions.    We are unable to judge weather conditions in all areas we service so we ask that parents/players use their discretion on whether it is safe to attend.  We do ask that you text your coach if it is a last minute decision, as they may be unable to get emails.
St. Clairsville Teams Notification:
St.Clairsville will use Facebook/Email and Text to get information out on practice cancellations.  St. Clairsville will not automatically cancel if school is cancelled. 


Most tournaments will start at 9:00AM but we ask everyone to check the OVR website for the tournament details as some will have an earlier start time than others. Players are asked to be dressed and ready to warm-up 30 minutes before their first match.  Players are to bring all uniforms to every tournament.  Tournament directions and information can be found on the OVR website:
Officiating:  This is the shared responsibility of the entire team.  Each coach will determine a procedure for their team to follow for officiating assignments. All players are asked to take the officiating courses that can be found through the OVR website under Juniors/junior official training info.  There is no cost but you will need your web point login.   Every athlete is required to stay at the tournament until the entire team can leave.
Play Time:  We do not guarantee equal playing time on any team or at any event.  Our club philosophy is that what you pay for is instruction time during practices.  Playing time for athletes is determined by performance, attendance, attitude, effort, the team’s need at the moment and is left solely at the discretion of the Club Gold coach.  The coaching decision is not up for debate or question.  Athletes are encouraged to ask what they can improve on to receive more playing time.  Parents are asked to not approach coaches concerning coaching issues during tournaments.  If a parent has a confrontation with a coach during the tournament, the player may be released from the club with no refund of fees.  If there is a problem you would like to discuss, you should make an appointment with the coach or director before or after a practice.
Questions:  If you have any questions on the upcoming tournament, please ask them at practice.  Do not wait till the last minute.  Tournament info on the OVR site may be unavailable either the night before or the morning of and you may not be able to access it.