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2024 - 2025 Tryouts & Summer Trainings

We are working finalize our summer dates! Please check back with our 2025 tryout tab which will contain both tryout information and opportunities to train with us in the summer!

It's almost here...

Follow us for updates as 16 Piccolini and 18 Huff take on the JVA World Challenge & the Under Armour 18 National Championships in Louisville at the end of the month!  We look forward to seeing you Kentucky!

Catch a Columbus Fury game!

Are you interested in going to catch a Columbus Fury game on April 12th of April 19th? Email Coach Kam at if you are interested in attending. If we can get a group to go we will let you know how to purchase tickets when the link becomes available!!!

The member club that generates the most ticket purchases for each of the Fury matches on April 12 and April 19 will earn some fantastic perks. Following the match, the winning club will have the opportunity to have their photo taken with the team, creating lasting memories for your players and staff.

But that's not all. The match on April 12 will be televised on CBS Sports, offering unparalleled exposure for both the Columbus Fury and our vibrant volleyball community. By rallying behind this inaugural season of professional volleyball, we're not just supporting a sport we love—we're providing our youth with invaluable opportunities.

It's crucial that we show our support for professional volleyball, ensuring its continued success for years to come. Our current youth deserve to see equality in professional sports and to have role models to aspire to. By attending these matches, we're not just watching a game—we're investing in the future of volleyball and empowering our community to reach new heights.



Did you take pictures at your tournament? Don't forget to share them with us by sending your best shots to!

Remember to check the OVR website in order to find all the information you need about your upcoming events!


Order sooner than later! Items are taking longer than the time given in the receipt!

The Team Store is open! Please check the main Squad Locker page for any discounts. We suggest going in together with a close friend or family if you want to save on shipping and take advantage of the discounts when given!

The team store will remain open all year.

2022-2023 CGSV Home Tournament Highlights

OVR Volleyball

If you are looking for information on upcoming tournaments, please go to the OVR's website! If you go to the tournament listing tab, you can click on Details over on the right side of the screen and pull up all the information you will need for each facility/tournament!


No news currently found.

We are now members of JVA and the OVR!

We are excited to announce we are now proud members of both the OVR and JVA! This move enables us to expand our radius for tournaments when scheduling our teams. We've attended Steel City Freeze and other JVA tournaments for years now and look forward to adding this association to our club!

New this year!

We have officially joined the JVA and are super excited to spread our wings and attend these tournaments! Please go to for more information regarding upcoming tournaments!

Lisa Mick

Director of Fees, Finance and Registration

Phone: 740-310-2438

Kate Fry

Assistant Director of Uniforms, Sportswear, Finances

Lindsay Huff - Director

Lindsay Huff - Director

Club Gold South Volleyball

Phone: 740-579-1767

Joyce Piccolini

Assistant Director

Photo of athletes playing volleyball with text saying "all united JVA" and "Proud member of the JVA"