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Thank you to everyone who came out for our tryouts!!!!

For those accepting an offer/alternate, remember to send your deposit to Lisa and to respond to your email offer to confirm you will be accepting. Please do NOT upgrade your membership yet. We will reach out on or after September 4th to do this via an email invite.

If you are an athlete looking for a make up date, we will have one last summer tryout on July 23rd at the St.Clairsville Rec Center from 7-9pm. Contact us at if interested and sign up online!


Boys Volleyball is Growing!!!

If you are looking for information on boy's volleyball, check out our boys tab! The crossover to our sport is much easier than many think, so don't hesitate to reach out if you want to give volleyball a try!

We have a sign up available for all boys who are interested playing. We will reach out to you once you sign up and give you information on the upcoming season!



Did you take pictures at your tournament? Don't forget to share them with us by sending your best shots to!

Remember to check the OVR website in order to find all the information you need about your upcoming events!


Order sooner than later! Items are taking longer than the time given in the receipt!

The Team Store is open! Please check the main Squad Locker page for any discounts. We suggest going in together with a close friend or family if you want to save on shipping and take advantage of the discounts when given!

The team store will remain open all year.

2022-2023 CGSV Home Tournament Highlights

OVR Volleyball

If you are looking for information on upcoming tournaments, please go to the OVR's website! If you go to the tournament listing tab, you can click on Details over on the right side of the screen and pull up all the information you will need for each facility/tournament!


No news currently found.

Upcoming Tryouts!!

Join us for our next round of tryouts in the fall!


Volleyball Associations

We have officially joined the JVA and are super excited to spread our wings and attend these tournaments! Please go to for more information regarding upcoming tournaments!

For information on the OVR events we attend, stop by their page at! There is a lot of great information for you on their page ranging from addresses, to facility details, to guidelines and rules for our region.

Lisa Mick

Director of Fees, Finance and Registration

Phone: 740-310-2438

Kate Fry

Assistant Director of Uniforms, Sportswear, Finances

Lindsay Huff - Director

Lindsay Huff - Director

Club Gold South Volleyball

Phone: 740-579-1767

Joyce Piccolini

Assistant Director

Photo of athletes playing volleyball with text saying "all united JVA" and "Proud member of the JVA"